AGF and Rawbank strengthen their partnership to serve women entrepreneurs in Congo

As part of its Lady’s First program, Rawbank has announced the launch of a training on Project Management in the Agricultural and Agri-food sector. Supported by African Guarantee Fund and the African Development Bank’s AFAWA program, this training will take place in Kinshasa from September 07 to 08, with the participation of fifty Congolese women entrepreneurs.

The aim of the two-day training is to showcase the various opportunities within the agriculture and agri-food processing sectors in promoting a growing Congolese economy. Through this unique training program, more than 50 Congolese women entrepreneurs will benefit from the best practices around managing and developing sustainable agricultural and agri-food projects, learn about the key steps involved in securing the financing they need to grow their businesses, and share their different entrepreneurial experiences.

The training is part of the Lady’s First program, launched in 2010 by Rawbank to promote the financial inclusion of Congolese women and help them develop their businesses.

Comprising a network of over 1,500 women entrepreneurs, the Lady’s First program supports women from start-up all the way to day-to-day management of their business. The goal is to build a powerful, broad-based network of women entrepreneurs who are equipped to succeed in their chosen fields.

During the two days, participants will engage with experts on a range of strategic issues – such as the constraints faced by women entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector and access to financing. At the end of the training session, recommendations will be put forward in the form of a roadmap for setting up a monitoring and support system – for the women entrepreneurs, to ensure that the training’s achievements are sustained in the long term.

“We are convinced that this initiative will make a significant contribution to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in agriculture and agri-food processing in the DRC. Together, we can build a more prosperous and inclusive future for all,” said Mustafa Rawji, Managing Director of Rawbank.

Jules Ngankam, Group CEO of the African Guarantee Fund said: “We are honoured to contribute to this training and to support Rawbank’s Lady’s First program, through the AFAWA Guarantee for Growth program, which we implement in partnership with AfDB. Enhancing the capacity of women entrepreneurs in DRC’s agricultural value chain is vital, given the key role played by this sector in the country’s economic development.”