Corporate Social Responsibility

African Guarantee Fund’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission is to contribute to the social and economic development of the community. Through a series of interventions, we seek to support the economically, physically and socially challenged groups and to draw them into the cycle of growth, development and empowerment. Our strategy is to integrate our activities in community development, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. We strive to include these in our CSR interventions whether directly or in partnership with Corporates, Non-Governmental Organisations of repute or any other organization as the shareholders deem fit. AGF is grateful to the society for the support and encouragement towards its growth and development and believes that no organization can make sustainable development without patronage from the society. We see ourselves as beneficiaries of this diverse environment, hence our desire to give back.

  • A Photo of a primary school girl planting a tree


    21st August,2018

    African Guarantee Fund today held a two-fold Corporate Social …